24 Form (Mother form).

*Require 24 sections training

Taiji posture; movements; sequence; basic Taiji

Knowledge; Foster interest in serious learning.

Level One

(Foundation of system)

Wuji Stance Gong;


Taiji Thirteen Form;

24 Form (rectification).

*Require 32 sessions training

Understand Wuji, Taiji, Yin-yang; thirteen key Taiji elements; accurateness of movements; Taiji breathing; body and mind relaxation; elicitation of Qi; from body renitent to soft; basic Chinese medical principles.

Level Two


Twining Gong;

48 Form;

38 Form.

*Require 60 sessions training

Chenstyle spiral; continuity; deepening of body and mind relaxation; rising Qi and flow; from soft to hard; Xiyi elements; Three external integration; introduce Chinese culture and regimen.

Level Three




24 Loose Cannon Form.

*Require 60 sessions training.

Balance of hard and soft; consistency of Xiyiquan and Taijiquan; elbow movements; three internal integration; body softening; boost up Qi; introduce Dao philosophy. Physiological balance and emotional equilibrium.

Level Four


Taiji-ruler gong;


38 Broadsword; 48 Sword;

*Require 80 sessions training. Member fee required

Humbler and mental clarity. touch-stick-follow-deliver; extend strength of Qi; exertion weapons; transform Qi to Shen;

Introduce to Master Liu Wenqi. Taiji theme travel to Beijing and other Taiji locations in China.

Level Five

(to be disciple or instructor )

30 Loose Cannon Form;

Free Sparring;

Tao, Chinese-culture, medical Theory Advance Study.

*Long-term learning; free of charge

Break & loose push-hand; Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi, Sun Zi Study; advance Chinese-medical theory;

Apply Hunyuan system to daily life, business and profession; Modest and spiritual harmony.

Introduce to Master Chen Xiang; and Grandmaster Feng ZhiQiang

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