Benefits from Hunyuan Taiji, Qigong
All Taiji participants in a six month randomized controlled study reported a significantly enhanced, integrated mind-body connection, and significant positive psychological effects.
Those with a deeper understanding and continuously practice can experience the following benefits:
¡ï Movements , breath and mental integration
¡ï Strong Qi flowing (Internal energy)
¡ï Even and deeper body breathing
¡ï Humble, modest and ability of self-defense
¡ï Inner peace, healthy & positive attitude and life-style

Martin Deng¡¯s teaching and training has very rich combination of Taoist philosophy, Chinese martial arts and TCM knowledge.
¡ñ When you are ill, Martin Deng will help you back to YIN YANG balance by TCM treatments;
¡ñ When you are unwell and weak, he will help you be stronger by practicing Hunyuan Qigong;
¡ñ When you are strong, he will train you how to use your energy wisely by practice Taijiquan;
¡ñ When you can manage your energy, he will guide you to live longer and be more natural way by apply Taoist to your daily life.

Taiji and Qigong classes are hold in the early morning, late afternoon and at weekend.
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment is available on the working hour.
Advanced booking is essential.

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