The Inheriting

[ Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang

Hunyuan system is created by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. In his early life, he was trained by legendary Grandmaster Chen Fake, the 17th generation standard-bearer Chenstyle Taijiquan, and Qigong master Hu Yaozhen, a renowned practitioner of Qigong and Xiyi-Liuhe Quan. After almost half a century of practicing and research, Grandmaster Feng created the Hunyuan Taiji Qigong System which expresses the principle of Qigong and Taiji and is now taught around the world. He said, Taiji originated in China, but it belongs to the world.

[ Master Deng
Martin Deng is a 20th generation successor of Chen style Taijiquan, 3rd generation successor of Hunyuan Taiji Qigong system, and founder of Australia Hunyuan Taiji Qigong Academy. He learned traditional Chen style Taijiquan from Master Liu Qiutan, a 19th generation successor of Chen style Taijiquan. In 2002, Mr. Deng committed to Hunyuan training conducted by Master Liu wenqi. Later he assisted Master Liu to found the Hunyuan Taiji School in Fujian province and became a 3rd generation successor in 2006. During eight years staying in China, Martin Deng also has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in a very traditional way. He has an apprenticeship to a well-known Chinese Doctor Wu Feng, and worked at Wu Feng Chinese Medicine Clinic. Under Mr. Wu¡¯s day to day direct teaching and guiding, Mr. Deng became a practitioner of TCM in 2007.
Master Deng and Grand Master Feng
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